manymany friends llc is an international design studio

with many many minds by many many hands

Joyfully initiated in 2019, manymany friends has been leisurely strolling along the path of design with many projects underway in many locations of the world. The group consists of licensed architects and designers with diversified experience at renowned architecture firms internationally. We came together as a team simply to deliver more good designs for whoever needs it. Our service spans architecture, interiors, furniture selection, exhibitions, installations, objects, and graphics.

manymany friends is geographically based in Boston and Shenzhen in case you want to meet up and grab a coffee. In the meantime we are intensively online-based and we like it. We believe in the power of collaborations and communications, and that’s how we’re able to operate in different locations but all towards the same ultimate goal. We believe in design and have faith in many other things: sustainability, affordability, accessibility, digital literacy, post modern, ready-made, playfulness, memes, cats, ramen...

The works of manymany friends are the collective results of many many minds and many many hands. We always look forward to meeting up with new friends. If you would like to tell us about your projects, or need us for professional work, or want to join the team, or feel like to chat, or want to create some memes together, or go get a coffee, or name it...

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Boston Office
Tel: +609-608-6760
625 Thomas Burgin Pkwy,
Quincy, MA 02169
Shenzhen Office
Tel: +86 199 8908 8170
262 Xufu Rd,
Shenzhen, Guangdong 518052