Plastic Up! | 2022


Plastic Up!

The exhibition features a series of customized mylar inflatables to promote interactions. The inflatables come from a ready-made consumer product and we customized it by plotting a unique graphics on it giving it a new identity. The curatorial team uses this design move to address the inherent plasticity of the substance of plastics. The graphics on the mylar inflatables reads “Plastic Up” which is the title of this exhibition. The phrase is homophonic as it also reads as “Accelerate” in Chinese. It implies the increasingly growing nature of excessive use of plastic products world wide. The graphics also contain a slogan that goes “We are indeed a plastic generation”. The sentence also has a homophonic phrase as the word “generation” reads identical as “bag”. The curatorial team hopes to use this playful method to spread the awareness of the environmental crisis caused by plastics.

The exhibition also features an inclusive timeline design that shows the history of plastics. Started from the 1850s when the substance was invented, the timeline documents every remarkable moment of plastics, whether being applauded or criticized, in the past century and half. Every shining moment of plastics in history reflects the signature of the era, and plastic itself has transformed to a tool for critique and commentary. The plastic is seen to be prosaic, yet its cultural implications are unique and strong; The substance itself is quiet, yet the time speaks up loud.

Shenzhen, China

Exhibition Curation
Exhibition Design
Installation Design